We call it The Beast Wildfire Whisky. Born in the raging blaze of the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire, the whisky is a singular expression of the resilience and rebirth of the community, of the integrity and perseverance of the residents, and remembrance of the dedicated effort of the firefighters. That single run of whisky has been aging in oak barrels, for 6 years. It has mellowed from its fiery beginnings over time, and developed mature flavours that live up to its unforgettable legacy. In the coming days we’ll be bottling and packaging it in extremely limited quantities.

Special hand-numbered bottles are already spoken for and owned by charity auction winners, with the proceeds going directly to the Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Charities Association. A limited run of hand-numbered bottles are owned by and available for the Fort McMurray firefighters. Finally, three bottles will be available for auction at the launch event on December 3rd, with proceeds benefitting the Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Charities Association.